Cbdlession Team

Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams has completed his graduation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He expertises in CBD analysis. He writes contents and blogs on CBD. He weekly writes articles on cbd for cbdlession.com.
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez is a dietitian and a nutritionist. She educates her patients on healthy eating. She has also researched on hemp and writes blogs on hemp to guide people about the drug.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith has graduated in journalism and media science. She has keen interest in medicines and reviews healthcare information technology. She loves watching suspense movies and reading novels.
Mason White
Mason White is a drug analyst and a chief editor of our team. He has great knowledge of various drugs like cannabis , hemp and many more. he also loves writing blogs on importance of this drugs.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith is a Neurology Surgeon. He has good communication skill and leadership skills. He writes medical contents and latest news-stories on vape. he is also a popular blogger.