Medical Marijuana Sells High

Medical marijuana is selling at its peak in Arkansas at $200 million in a short time. It made its first legal sale in May ’19, as per the revenue agency of the state.

Department of Finance and Administration’s reports Arkansas to have sold 30,648 Lbs. of cannabis making $200.7 million. The state is making a daily sale of $622,727 in a short timeframe of 22 days. It has outdone the 16-day timeframe generating $562,500 till the 24th of November. Suite 443 dispensary is the 3rd highest in sales with its 170 pounds, and the Green Springs Medical dispensary stands at the 12th place for its 58.43 pounds high sales. Overall, Suite 443 stood at fifth, and Green Springs at the 12th place for their high sales during the sixteen days’ timeframe culminating on the 24th of November, and the twenty-five-day timeframe, culminating on the 8th of November.

Bentonville’s ReLeaf Center finished its sale at 70.82 lbs. as part of Green Springs’s total sale of leading 3,414.22 Lbs. The Benton County reported a 212.83 Lbs. in the twenty-two-day timeframe with its thirty-one operational dispensaries. It stood second in ranking in the sixteen days, concluding on the 24th of November.

The ReLeaf Center began last August, leading five sales reports from a total of six. Sherwood’s Natural Relief reported sold 182.7 Lbs., ranking in the second place in the recent reports. In the sixteen-day timeframe, it managed to sell 123.28 Lbs. by the 24th of November. Fayetteville’s Acanza ranked fourth, selling 123.03 Lbs., whereas Mountain Home’s Plant Family Therapeutics ranked fifth with a sale of 121.71 Lbs. The Tax Procedure Act bans the state from giving out the revenue generated by the dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Commission of Arkansas has voted to keep the application procedure of Zone 6 silent. The zone extends Saline, Grant, and Perry counties in the east and the west to the Oklahoma border. The eight zones have been equally allocated five dispensary licenses from the total forty.