Anorexia Nervosa affects almost 30 million people in the US. Anorexia is a very complex and serious mental disorder where an individual restricts his food intake to lose a significant amount of weight. There are not many traditional options to combat this disorder, and the treatment is mostly limited to Cognitive behavioral therapy and controlled dietary plan.

CBD has appetite stimulant properties which are used to treat anorexia-related conditions. Additionally, CBD has the potential to affect the endocannabinoid system in human, which regulates many of the physiological functions, including mood disorders, appetite, maintaining body temperature, etc. People who suffer from anorexia have malfunctioning ECS, and CBD can directly impact the ECS to make the condition better.

CBD is also very effective in treating depression, anxiety, and stress, which are related to many eating disorders. CBD can be an excellent choice for treating Anorexia Nervosa without exhibiting any psychoactive properties.