CBD Help in Diabetes Management

Number of people living with diabetes has risen, and the rise is more rapid in middle and low-income countries. People who have diabetes are often insulin resistant and have high insulin levels circulating in their blood.

Studies show that people who take CBD oil on a regular basis have a 16% lower insulin level than other participants who never have consumed CBD. Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce the inflammation in the body, which makes the immune system and cardiovascular system to work better. This also results in improved cell growth and sugar metabolism.

Obesity is directly related to diabetes. Research shows that CBD can reduce obesity levels. CBD acts as an appetite suppressant, which can help people in losing weight. Additionally. CBD also helps in what is called as Fat Browning. Fat browning is the process where white adipose tissue is converted into brown adipose tissue. White adipose tissue is known to store energy while brown adipose enhances the body’s capability of burning calories.

Neuropathy is a common occurrence in diabetics. One study found that CBD can treat peripheral neuropathy is a better way than traditional medicines. CBD is said to increase the level of nerve growth factor in the body. It also protects the liver from oxidative stress, which is another reason for the development of neuropathy.