CBD Smoking

With the growing trend of vaping, many people are still trying to figure out the
difference between smoking and vaping marijuana. New studies have proved that smoking cannabis releases little less carcinogenic chemicals than tobacco smoking. There are two ways of vaping – vaping ground flower and vaping cannabis oil.

The primary difference between smoking the weed and vaping the weed lies in the way it burns the plant. Smoking burns the plant, and it turns the terpenes and other chemical compounds into an inhalable vapor. All the chemicals together form what is called an entourage effect. Vaporization heats the flower materials and boils off the essential oils and cannabinoids for inhalation without combustion.

People consider vaporization as a safer option, but not all vaporization is same.Vaporizing ground flower is safer than vaporizing oils. Because the smoke that you see while vaporization is not smoke, its the vapor, it tend to offer lighter flavor and also reduced odor than smoking.

When a person smokes, he burns the plant along with all the chemicals present in the plants. Combustion happens at the temperature between 600-900 degrees whereas the vape pens operate between 160-230 degrees. Combustion produces toxic products at the end, which causes respiratory symptoms like bronchitis. Vaporization, on the other hand, doesn’t produce any toxic byproducts, therefore, leads to less respiratory complications.